UBC, 1949, BSc, Agriculture


Doug, the oldest brother, Lloyd, then Larry and Ken, the youngest, were all born between 1918 and 1923 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, a small town of 2,000 people, located 80 miles south of Moose Jaw. Their parents Mark and Ruth raised them through those awful “Dirty Thirties” when dust was plenty and money was scarce. How did they do it? A backyard vegetable garden, if you could call it such, a cow borrowed from a good farmer friend, and a few chickens. Boy, when that big red cow shook her stake chain, it rattled the teeth of any brother on the other end!

Near the end of the thirties, Mark drove four young men to Trail, BC, where they were able to find work. Ruth followed soon after with the four boys and their baby sister Delores.

Doug had just finished high school in Assiniboia, and he soon started his apprenticeship at the Consolidated Mining and Smelting plant in the plumbing and steam fitting shop. Lloyd and Larry finished high school in Trail, and thereafter Lloyd apprenticed as a painter and sign writer, while Larry apprenticed as a leadburner, with the C M & S, of course.

Then came World War II, and the older brothers served their hitch – Doug in the air force, Lloyd and Larry in the army. Ken finished high school in Trail and entered UBC. Once the war ended and with the help of the Veterans’ Assistance Program, the three older brothers enrolled as freshmen in the Department of Food and Dairy Science where they joined Ken, now a senior in his last year in that department. “Hah, vengeance is mine, thought the lofty senior students.” Can you just imagine a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears seniors trying to “haze” those hard-bitten returning veterans?

Doug graduated in 1949, majoring in Dairy Bacteriology. He spent a few years in research on bacterial warfare for the federal government before joining the Greater Vancouver Water and Sewerage Board as Chief Bacteriologist. The remainder of his working career was in that position, and it is worth noting that his knowledge of plumbing was an asset.

Doug and his wife Laura and their two daughters lived for many years in the Lynn Valley in North Vancouver, where Doug died in 1995.

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